Here’s To Life

Here’s to Life. . .
One of my favorite bands is Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers (RCPM). I have followed them for years. My favorite song is Here’s To Life. It is a tribute to being present. To enjoying what life has given you. It’s about celebrating the people you love-even if they aren’t with you.
This song came to my head after hearing about another young person who passed away way too soon. An HR colleague and someone I admire lost one of his daughters, Elle Seiden. I didn’t know Elle and only know Jason (her dad) in a professional setting. And you may think that a RCPM song about drinking doesn’t fit the loss of a child. But please let me explain.
Here’s to Life talks about being in a bar in a land far away from your family. The folks in the bar make the best of this scenario by toasting to life. We all need to be celebrating to life. I know the young adults who have left our lives way too soon were too young to be toasting with adult beverages. But I want to think about them somewhere, all together, toasting to their freedom. They can now move about freely. Free from pain, free from their demons, and mostly, free of the constraints of this life. I know they’re too young to be gone, but I envision them  with our family members who have already passed. In a bar where everyone is welcome, anytime.  Here’s to Life!