September’s Carnival of HR- Current Events

September’s Carnival of HRImage result for storm clouds

Current events- we have a good mix of diversity and weather preparedness blogs! These blogs are relevant to each of us as we are facing them in our roles. Enjoy the thought leadership, tips and insights from HR experts who want to share their knowledge.

This month’s theme was current events:

  • Dorothy Dalton shares some great insights on diversity and the challenges company face.
  • The infamous Robin Schooling give tips on how HR can prepare for emergency weather issues via our friends at HROS.
  • Yvonne LaRose gives us a great take on multiple diversity topics: diversity from the bench, oppression and hope, and changing identities.
  • How do you use the elements of organizational design across HR? Prasad Kurian shares how to apply OD to rewards.
  • How do we learn from current events in Tech? Judith Lindenberger dives into this here.
  • OG Michael Haberman ties our current crazy weather to how tech is impacting HR. Storm preparation at its finest!
  • 5 interesting reads about diversity have been curated by Jennifer Juo. Read ’em and learn!
  • And of course there’s one from me about listening. Every one of us could use this reminder.

Please enjoy the carnival!