Learn from the Best

I still consider myself fairly new to this blogging thingamajig. I have joined a pretty cool fraternity of writers who want to make companies and people better. I hope to live up to the standards they set. These HR experts are who you should follow if you want to get better at HR, by getting better at business. I believe this is key for any HR practitioner to succeed.

Do you want to be better at Human Resources? Do as I do and learn from the HR Experts.

#1- Robin Schooling (@robinschooling): Full transparency, Robin is my HR spiritual gangster/guide aka blogging mentor. She uses humor to get her point across and makes HR fun. I adore her writing and speaking style and want to be her when I grow up. She is an expert in all things HR. She also practices HR at a casino so she has the BEST happy hour stories.

#2- Sharylyn Lauby (@hrbartender): writes as the HR Bartender. Who wouldn’t want to hear from a bartending human resources professional?!?! Her posts cover real life HR issues we all encounter every day as HR practitioners. I love her down-to-earth style. She also co-hosts a podcast with my next HR hero, Steve Boese.

#3- Steve Boese (@steveboese): Known for his knowledge of HR Technology, Steve does a great job of using the every day absurd and linking it to business objectives. He does have a strange obsession with the Kardashians . . . but who doesn’t?! I am trying to get over his use of a website builder other than GoDaddy, but I will let it go, eventually.

#4- Kris Dunn (@kris_dunn): The way Kris brings the true capitalist mentality to HR is awesome. He gives good advice to HR folks who are getting hit from all angles to know #allthethings about business. I am always looking for resources to give my team about how to think about business first, and Kris is a go-to expert.

#5-William Tincup (@williamtincup): He is one of the most social folks in HR I have witnessed. He is entertaining and shares great knowledge. Come on, everybody’s doing it- follow him!

#6- Trish McFarlane (@trishmcfarlane) Trish is about disruption, in a great way, in HR. She is a futurist and shares about where HR is going. Not gonna lie, Trish is a little bit my #girlcrush

#7- Jay Kuhns (@jrkuhns): The poetic posts by Jay are smart and interesting and make you think. He charges each of us to grow the function of HR and make it better. No excuses- be a good leader.

#8 Steve Browne (@sbrownehr): Steve just makes me happy. I really don’t know what else to say. His posts are focused on making people better. I am always happy after reading Steve’s posts and motivated to be better.

#9- Jennifer McClure (@jennifermcclure): Jennifer is the HR leader we all aspire to be . . . she is an amazing speaker, writer, and social media guru. The first time I met her I was blown away by the way she juggled her SM accounts, taking notes of a presentation, and having a conversation with a few of us sitting in the front row of a conference.

#10- Me (@kateebar7): Yep, I am putting myself on this list. Maybe this is a little pretentious but I don’t care! I’m awesome! LOL.

Folks, this is not an all inclusive list. Tell me who I missed. I would love to hear who I should follow that I