HR’s Favorite Topic: Policies

HR’s Favorite Topic: Policies

“I love employee handbooks and manuals.  Binders with lots of rules and regulations for every employee to follow- HECK YEAH!”   -No HR Professional EVER

I think there is a misconception that most HR folks are in love with policies and procedures and rules.  We aren’t.

If it was up to me everyone would come to work and do amazing things and get along with each other (in an HR appropriate way of course).  Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

While reviewing a new policy last week, my team and I reviewed why it was important to have the policy for our employees.  It would help our employees be able to do their jobs and be more productive.  All good things for everyone.

We also had to think about the opposite side of the coin.  The worst case scenario.  How could this new policy be abused?  What could go wrong?  How could it be misinterpreted? Were there any legal pitfalls to rolling this policy out to our employees?

I want to do the best for our employees every day AND. . . I know most employees want to come to work and be great.  So HR will continue to focus our efforts on supporting our employees. We will put policies in place to provide them an amazing work experience.

But don’t worry, we will keep those binders of policies coming. Because remember- HR’s Favorite Topic: Policies.

Photo Credit: (rickprokosch) via Compfight cc