Restoring Hope in HR

Restoring Hope in HR

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the Talent Management Alliance (@TheTMAlliance) HRBP University Conference.  I spoke at the end of day 1, right before happy hour, which was a bit tough.  Don’t ever keep HR folks from their cocktails!

I was in front of ~150 HR practitioners who were awesome.  They gave me their undivided attention. They wanted to learn and it definitely felt like they were engaged in what I was saying.

I spoke about culture and change.  I shared information about merging cultures during acquisitions and when bringing in new executives.

The entire conference, the speakers were amazing.  Topics included the competencies of a great HRBP and how to create an HR strategy that aligns to business objectives.  There was a focus on total rewards, analytic capabilities, and workforce planning. My fellow speakers shared stories of change and growth.  This resonates with the shift we are all seeing in HR.

When I am meeting with human resource practitioners and experts they want to talk about how to change their culture.  They want know how to create engagement and inspire their teams.  There is a ton of interest in strategic planning and how to make our profession better.

I want to stand up and say, “Hallelujah!”

I am so happy.  It is amazing to see the growth & development of talent in our ranks. The call to action is being heard and answered!  Let’s identify who we want to be as a profession.  Let’s be a strategic partner to our leaders. We need to understand what we can do to impact the company’s goals.  We are setting our vision for where we want to go and driving for results like we never have before.

Carry on HR professionals and hurry up- it’s almost happy hour!