Feel Good Friday

I have tomorrow off and am figuring out how to best use the time.   I have a couple of ideas and wanted to share.  Taking time for myself before the long weekend is so exciting! Oh, the possibilities!

Here is my plan:

  • Start right with a morning meditation.  I want to take the time to set my intentions for the day.  I always feel better going into the day with a plan.
  • Swim with the pooch.   A little floating and swimming in the pool is a great way to get some good Vitamin D and continue to clear my brain.  It is also great exercise if you keep moving!
  • Lunch with a friend. I love hanging with awesome people who are changing the world. So motivating!
  • Nap time.  That is all.  Just nap time.
  • Girl time.  Sharing updates on work, men and other topics (read: gossip)!
  • I will try to fit in some tidying up and laundry just so I am not feeling too lazy.  Also, it’s nice to knock that out so I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the weekend.

Next time you have a day off I suggest you follow this important regimen.  It will make the day better, I promise!

Happy Friday!