Favorite New App: Stop, Breathe & Think

A friend of mine asked me if I meditate when I shared I was stressed about something about a month ago. Practicing meditation daily has been one of my goals for the last two years. Unfortunately, I push it to the back burner when I am stressed, busy, and/or focused on a project.  You know, the times in life when meditation would help me the most! I am like a lot of women who push our personal needs aside when we get stressed.  I know I need to do a better job of making my well-being a priority to keep focused. Coming back to the conversation though, I kind of shrugged and said, “sometimes” and we moved on.  I kept coming back to this exchange because it resonates so much with me. Being mindful and taking a moment to breathe is crucial.  Instead of doing something about it, I would wake up in the morning and jump right into my day.  Reading emails on my phone from bed and checking my schedule was the norm.

Now. . . I am not going to be able to stop grabbing my phone when I wake up. Taking precedence over my emails is something much better.  It is a meditation game changer!

The Stop, Breathe & Think  app gives you suggested meditations based on your mood.  You just plug-in how you’re feeling and it will suggest many options. You can even decide how long you want to meditate.  It tracks your mood every day.  It also has some gamification fun with stickers, top emotions, and favorite meditations.  And you can use it anytime because it is just a few clicks away on your phone!

You can get Stop, Breathe & Think free on iTunes and Google Play.  Try it for yourself.  I hope it reminds you to stop, breathe and think everyday!

Photo Credit: espritlibrejouk13 via Compfight cc