Usually it is about 2 hours into the workday that I sit back and realize that I have already helped employees with the following:
•a need for FMLA
•answering a question on how to access our eye care benefits
•pulling market data for a manager who wants to make sure we are paying based on the market for the top engineer on their team
•talking through how they can stay engaged at work when they are not feeling challenged by the role
•working with a manager to think through what training a newly formed team may need to get them up and running
•reviewing an org plan with a leader to make sure her team has the right people in place
•continued work on the talent management calendar and cyclical process that is underway
•10-20 other small issues that arise

These are just some of the places where HR is leading.  We are the “people” people (that’s the cheesiest part of this blog, I swear).

Now, I do not handle these all by myself.  I pull in different colleagues who are experts in each of these areas.  They partner with me and the business to get work done.  It’s amazing to be able to impact our employees in so many ways.

Have fun doing #allthethings as HR professionals- you will never be bored!

Photo Credit: Renato Pequito via Compfight cc