Katee Van Horn

Speaker, Coach, Author

Katee Van Horn is an international keynote speaker, proven coach, author and strategic leader. She listens to your needs, both professional and personal. Together you will build a plan to maximize your success. Less frills, no bullshit- just a good plan from a great coach.

Because she has the innate ability to quickly assess the organization, leadership, and individual development needs, she can quickly create appropriate and operative solutions.

As a result of being a reputable leader known for building and sustaining trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances to achieve business goals, Katee coaches for success. Currently, she is offering a free 1-hour virtual coaching session.

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Strategic Leader

Katee is an expert at coaching for your personal and professional needs. Due to being laser focused on your success, she will give you simple solutions to maximize results. Katee is about framing solutions around your business & individual objectives.

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